Bayan Ko Lyrics

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Ang bayan kong Pilipinas,
lupain ng ginto’t bulaklak.
Pag-ibig ang sa kaniyáng palad
nag-alay ng ganda’t dilág.
At sa kaniyáng yumi at ganda,
dayuhan ay nahalina.
Bayan ko, binihag ka,
nasadlak sa dusa.

Ibon mang may layang lumipad,
kulungin mo at umiiyak!
Bayan pa kayáng sakdál dilág,
ang ‘di magnasang maka-alpas?
Pilipinas kong minumutyá,
pugad ng luhá ko’t dalita,
aking adhika:
makita kang sakdál laya!

Melodic Translation

Philippines, my country, my homeland,
Gold and flowers in her heart abound,
Blessings on her fate did love bestow,
Sweet beauty’s grace and splendor’s glow.
How her charms so kind and tender
Drove the stranger to desire her;
Land of mine, in fetters kept,
You suffered as we wept.

Birds that freely claim the skies to fly
When imprisoned mourn, protest and cry!
How more deeply will a land most fair,
Yearn to break the chains of sad despair?

Philippines, my life’s sole burning fire,
Cradle of my tears, my misery;
All that I desire:
To see you rise, forever free!

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