What is Online Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages


Technology has had an immense impact on all aspects of modern life, and learning is no exception. With the rise of the internet, online learning is an option that we can already consider along with the traditional one. Sometimes, it’s even preferred.

Online education offers students access to the best possible education, regardless of their location and as close to home as possible.

To help you whether online learning is right for you, we’ve listed some advantages and disadvantages you need to check first.

Let’s start!

What is Online Learning?

Online learning involves traditional online courses, with no difference to traditional classes taken at a local university or college.

Advantages of Online Learning

what is online learning


Students can do their studies at any time of the day or night whenever it suits them. Studying from home is often preferred to spending valuable time commuting.

Some courses may require to be completed along with the others — your course mates, but some can be studied whenever you are available.


With the help of the internet and a computer or mobile phone, students can access classes wherever they happen to be and continue their studies through any preferred devices — that includes the laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or even a smart TV.

Learning materials can be downloaded at any time of the day and students are encouraged to use resources such as online textbooks, websites, and interactive learning games. The use of digital learning materials such as e-books, software, videos, and audio files allow for a fast and convenient method of learning.

Customized to students’ needs

In addition, online learning provides the potential of delivering the best course pace to suit each student’s particular needs. Students interested in taking courses at a slower pace may also do so online, as long as they maintain a standard grade point average.

Online learning can give students the opportunity to complete classes at their own pace. Classes are scheduled according to when each student is available, which means students are not forced to attend class on a regular basis and waste time commuting to school.

Disadvantages of online learning

what is online learning

Classroom-based courses can be a challenge to complete, but given all the advantages of online learning, one cannot doubt that there are some disadvantages.

Difficult to pick up

Learning online can vary from person to person. Some may not be able to focus well and some topics especially practical skills can be difficult to pick up via online communications.

Can be stressful

Increased stress associated with having to stay up to date with everything online can be stressful. you may miss out on a few important things that have been discussed.

It can be a challenge to stay aligned with what the instructor is talking about and where the course is in at the moment. With this, y

Trouble with real-life interactions

The best way to learn online is to listen to someone else and mimic their actions. This gives you the opportunity to work with other people in a virtual environment, but it’s not as natural or as enjoyable as interacting with people in person.

Online learning is usually done alone and if you’re the social type who loves learning with personal interactions, this can be a deal breaker for you.


Learning online means you are working in another place you’re comfortable at. This also means that you may do things that you normally do plus keep up with your online lessons.

Sometimes, it can be hard to separate your persona from attending online courses at home when you should be in fact, just resting or doing something else at home.

Unreliable internet connection

The internet can fluctuate and you may experience connectivity issues along the way. If you’re attending live online sessions, it’s extremely frustrating when you miss out important parts just because your connection is acting up.

Is online learning worth it?

In online learning, there is no travel, no parking, no physical interaction with a classroom, and usually, no dress code. You can study at their own pace and at their own time. You can even study while you are at work or a coffee shop.

However, different people will have different degrees of success in this area, so the list of disadvantages can be a huge downside to some individuals.

Before you pay for an online course or an online seminar we suggest that you check for some things first:

  • Do they offer replays or playback files? In case you experience problems with the internet.
  • Do they give handouts for you to review? To maximize your learning with each course and aid in case you have trouble keeping up.
  • Does it have worksheets you can answer later on? To test your skills and make sure you are on the right track.

These are some questions you can ask to make sure your hard-earned money won’t go to waste.

Where to find free online courses?

There are a lot of websites that offer free online course where you can learn tons of information and even lead to to a better paying job. Here are some of the sites you can check:

We hope you decide whether online learning is right for you by checking out the free courses from the websites above!

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