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kwentong pambata

Babe’s New Friend (Children’s Story)

Once there was a kingdom called the Flower Kingdom. The whole place is covered with flowers; from the palace, houses, and even the people’s clothes. Inside the kingdom’s palace lays the biggest garden anyone has ever seen. The king ordered it to be made for his one and only daughter, Princess Phoebe. The princess loves to play in the garden. She was the only person in the palace to know all the ways and flowers in the garden.  She loves flowers so much that even the gardeners are amazed by her knowledge about flowers. Lilies, roses, daffodils, and orchids are just some of the flowers planted at the kingdom’s garden.

One day, as Princess Phoebe was playing in the garden, she noticed something different about the flowers. She looked carefully and saw a white flower beside the hundreds of red roses. “This is new.” said the princess, “I’ve never seen such a flower before.” The princess quickly ran to call Jason, one of the gardeners.

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