19 Portion Control Tips Guaranteed to Help You Lose Weight


Weight loss is achievable with portion control. Choose your food and consume less than you would normally eat.

Losing weight is never an easy task. Many have tried and failed but with the right determination and commitment, you are ready to go for the action. There are lots of creative ways to lose weight such as joining programs, hitting the gym, and getting into sports, but the most effective way may is going on a diet and controlling your portions. If portion control is your thing, then here are some portion control tips you can use to help with your journey through weight loss.

Use Smaller Dinnerwares

This does not only go for plates but also for bowls, glasses, containers, etc. Larger dinnerwares means eating a larger portion of food, therefore, switch to smaller ones to control your food intake.

Chew Your Food Slowly

Take smaller bites of your food and chew at least five or six times before swallowing according to Body Building. This will help control the amount of food you are consuming and your digestive system as well.

Try Calorie Counting Websites

Want to count the calories you eat manually? It’s your choice, but you can also try calorie counting websites like Calorie King or Calorie Count.

Eat Regularly

Eating regularly and with smaller meals helps elevate your metabolism to give you the energy to go through the day. Just always remember to cut back on your portion to guarantee weight loss.

Do Not Skip Meals

Skipping meals does more harm than good. You tend to go hungry and eat more when you don’t eat at the right time.

Measure And Weigh In Your Food

Take out your measuring cups and start using it when preparing your food. You can also buy a food scale for an accurate measurement. Measuring and weighing food helps with proper portioning of what you are going to eat.

Check The Nutritional Facts

Consuming tons of calories is one of the reasons why people tend to gain weight. Checking the nutritional facts of food gives you the idea of how many nutrients and calories there are in your food of choice.

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Drink Water Before Eating

Filling your stomach with water will make you less likely to overeat. Starting with a glass of water before eating is a good way to cut back on your portion because you’ll feel full therefore you’ll be eating less.

Plan Your Meal In Advance

Planning in advance helps to avoid eating too many calories for your next meal. Get a pen and paper and start making lists of what to eat and what you need to avoid.

Organize Your Food

Have you ever heard of the 21 days fix containers? Organizing your food would be easier with these 21-day fix set as the type and portion of food you are going to put inside will depend on the color of the container.

Try Portion Control Programs

There are lots of portion control programs you can join and avail online. Some of the programs you can try are Medifast’s Flex and Go! Program and The CUPS Diet.

Get Enough Sleep

Have you ever noticed that you tend to eat more when you’re tired? Feeling tired is one symptom of lack of sleep that’s why if you don’t want to ruin your diet, get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

Avoid The Tempting Snacks

As much as delicious and mouthwatering your favorite snacks are, you just have to avoid it in order not to ruin your diet. Keep those tempting snacks like cookies and cereals out of your reach or hide it inside the cabinets.

Add More Vegetables To Your Meal

Including vegetables in your meal helps cut back calories because veggies fill you up faster. There are lots of veggie recipes you can prepare to make your diet more healthier and effective.

Order Smallest Size Offered When Dining Out

Dining out when cutting your portion is not a bad thing, just always remember to order the smallest size possible. If the serving is still too much, share it with a friend. That way you both can try and enjoy the same food.

Do Not Eat From The Box

Do you have any idea how many you are eating from sitting down with a bag of chips? In portion control, eating from the box or bag is a big no-no. Divide the contents in a smaller container, take one container and leave the rest for later.

Eat More Soup And Salads

Increase your intake of soup or salad before eating your main course. This will fill your appetite faster and you’ll tend to avoid overeating.

Have Your Treats

There are foods that are just too hard to resist. If you are craving for something, it is okay to eat it as long as you promise not to go above the limit you set for yourself.

Limit Mealtime Distractions

There was a study that having a distraction while eating, like watching tv, tends to make you eat more food. Avoid distractions while eating and enjoy your mealtime.

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Diet is a process and getting the body you are dreaming of will not happen overnight. Be ready to go through a lot of hard work and give it all your best to get to your goals. Remember that following these tips might not work for everyone, therefore, choose whatever losing weight and portion control techniques works for you and listen to whatever your body wants.

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